Poland is an unique place where you can enjoy the majestic and beautiful landscapes, a peaceful rest on the banks of  Wisla or  Morskie Oko mountain lake, learn about the peculiarities of local wooden architecture, plunge into the sad but instructive pages of world history.
   The city of Auschwitz annually attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. It is here that every traveler understands how cruel people were and how valuable simple human kindness is. Once a peaceful town during the Second World War became a place where human cruelty got out of control.
   Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was established in 1941 after the Third Reich entered the city. Since that time  life of the city of Auschwitz near Krakow has changed abruptly It has become a place of concentration of real horror. During  war years more than 1.5 million people died here many of whom were children. Some died from hard labor, others from torture and others as a result of numerous experiments. Now what happened in the camp we learn from the chronicles, museum exhibits, biographies and memories of eyewitnesses to those sad events.
   It is important to come to the Auschwitz Museum in order to learn more about the events of World War II, to see unique exhibits that you will not find anywhere else. Impressive pictures of the past will make you sad and even cry but still a tour to Auschwitz from Krakow will be one of the most memorable in your life.
   When you come to this place you clearly understand how fragile the human life is and you begin to appreciate everything that is in your life. And remember that this should never happen again.

Auschwitz tour

   Auschwitz-Birkenau tour is not an entertaining tour. But to visit this place is a must do if you want to plunge into world history. The barracks where the Jews lived, the ramps, the gas chambers and crematoriums that have survived up to this day are just a few of things that will be shown to you. You will see photos of those times, diaries, get acquainted with statistical information. All this reminds us of the past mistakes of mankind and helps to remember and prevent the repetition of those terrible events.
   Meanwhile, the tour to Auschwitz tour may be different. Outside the camp you will see a completely different picture. Nice, clean and cozy Polish city Auschwitz is completely different from the place where such terrible events took place. Narrow European streets, ancient buildings, a medieval castle of the 12th century, unique temples.
   The attention of  tourists attracts literally everything - beauty and harmony reign around. Be sure to visit the Town Hall, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Church of Our Lady of Remembrance of  Faithful and the Chapel of St. Jack. The city also has a Jewish museum and a synagogue.
   How to get to Auschwitz from Krakow? By bus, commuter train or transfer. If you value comfort and convenience choose the last option. With our guide you will learn the history of cities and really enjoy the journey and the most pleasant prices.

Visit Auschwitz from Krakow

   Any journey is not only rest but also development, new information and impressions. Having decided to go to  "Death Camp", be prepared that it will be hard to see barracks, gas chambers, personal belongings of prisoners and even the barbed wire around the camp. This is a special place, a place of memory.
   Book tours to Auschwitz and other cities near Krakow with Tutti Tours. We organize a transfer to the city, conduct small personal tours with a guide and even VIP tours. 
   For each client we can find something that suits him specifically. For example, you can visit two unique monuments in one day - Auschwitz Museum and  Wieliczka Salt Mine, combining the two most popular excursions.
   To go to Auschwitz from Krakow is simply necessary for those who love history and want to know more than sightseeing tours around the cities can give. Our guides will give you the most detailed information and answer all questions.
   Our travel company does not deal with buying train and plane tickets, booking hotels and settling tourists. We work with the organization of bus tours in Krakow and trips to Auschwitz, Zakopane and other environs of the secret capital of Poland. With us you will visit the Schindler factory, Wawel Castle, get acquainted with the history of John Paul II, see night Krakow.
   Tutti Tours creates unique customized tours for customers. You can feel the flavor of local streets, drive through Krakow by bike, electric bike, try wonderful local cuisine and drinks. If you want to have fun and relax from all your everyday worries welcome to us for paintball or go-karting, bring your children to the zoo or water park, visit local attractions.

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