If you are going on a trip to Poland be sure to visit Salt Mine in Wieliczka which is only 10 km from Krakow. In town you will find such sights as military necropolis of the times of the First World War and cultural monument of Malopolska voivodship.
    But the main place where tourists are concentrated is the Mine. Deposits originated more than 15 million years ago but were developed in the 13th century. Everyone is worth to visit this place - you will see uniquely beautiful underground corridors, majestic galleries, learn how salt extraction technologies have changed over the centuries.
   The length of the Wieliczka Mine is enormous and exceeds 200 km and only 3% of the territory is intended for excursions. But this is quite enough and you will see the most interesting and beautiful places, go down into the tunnel, you can feel yourself like a real miner. Passing through the corridors of the mines you will see one of the main attractions of Poland which is impossible to forget.
    Excursions to the Mine were conducted for five centuries but then Mine was shown only to privileged persons with a permission of Polish King. Only in the twentieth century the opportunity to visit such an unique place appeared to everyone. At the moment the development of deposits is stopped and now the mine works only as a tourist site. The opportunity to come from Krakow to Salt Mine is for each of you!

Salt Mine Krakow

   The Salt Mine is listed as a World Heritage Site and is protected by UNESCO. This is confirmed by the sign of organization which you will see when entering the cave.
   The tour takes place only with a guide and an interpreter. With them you spend about 2 next hours which will fly almost unnoticed. Salt Mine near Krakow / Salt Mine Krakow annually is visited by millions of travelers from around the world and many more than once come back here and bring relatives and friends.
   The descent into the underground tunnels begins immediately behind the hall door. You will have to go down the numerous steps of  “Trunk Danilovich” which were cut down in the 17th century. Once upon a time salt was raised on it and now a comfortable ladder has been built there. Going down the numerous steps you will find yourself deep underground and then the journey to fairy tale begins. There are underground lakes, unique sculptures, luxurious underground corridors and cameras.
   What else can be seen in the Wieliczka Caves in Poland? Not far from entrance you will be met by the statue of Nicolaus Copernicus and in the depths of the mine is a monument to the Great Casimir. The chapel of patron saint of salt-makers Saint Kinga amazes the imagination. Its walls are decorated with numerous frescoes, carved on the wall copy of the painting "The Last Supper" and the statue of the most holy Kinga created from salt blocks.
   In addition to usual tourist route visitors to Wieliczka Salt Mine can purchase tickets for a more challenging but interesting tour that runs along the path of a miner. You put on helmets and protective overalls and go to the farthest corners of the mine where you can feel like real salt miners.
   Traveling around the mine is absolutely safe and very exciting. Couples of salt even have a beneficial effect on the health of visitors, not to mention the wonderful impressions and vivid memories! If you wish you can participate in one of the banquets that are organized in the mine, buy souvenirs from salt, listen to classical music.

Visit Salt Mine Poland

   You can talk about the Salt Mine Poland infinitely but it's the best just to see it. Not a single photo, not a single story will convey impressions you receive in such a wonderful place. If you have ever been on a cave tour you remember how great it was. Mine is unique because it is the oldest deposits where thousands of people worked where the most famous people were. 
   Now the mine in Wieliczka is a museum which you can get into. Inside the cave you can see how the process of salt mining has changed. For example, at first it was simply evaporated then transferred to manual processing, and in the 18th century a salt mill was built. Corridors have a length of more than 200 km and it was here during the Second World War the Germans wanted to build an underground city. 
   In the travel agency “Tutti Tours” you can book a trip to the Mine or visit the Salt Mine in Poland and Auschwitz in one day. You can also book a tour of Krakow and its surroundings. Each route is interesting and fascinating and you  always find with us what you enjoy. We organize trips, provide transfers to the place and sell tickets to the Salt Mines. Comfortable buses, the best guides, the most interesting tours - all these for you!

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