Zakopane is truly the unique place in Poland. The city is located in the south of country and is better known as a ski resort in the Tatras, where you will have a great time with your family and friends. You can visit town in the summer, at this time of the year you will discover an amazingly beautiful mountain valley and cozy little houses surrounded by decorative flowerbeds and edelweiss are growing around.
     In winter you will not be bored. There are 10 ski resorts on the territory of the resort, each of which is equipped with ski lifts. There are 90 of them in total. You will reach by minibus to the lower ones and even city transport. If you are a beginner and are afraid that you will not be able to master the descent, we hasten to reassure you - among the tracks there are both short simple paths and difficult ornate descents. In addition, there is always an opportunity to enjoy beautiful views of Zakopane.
     Next to ski slopes you will find winter equipment rentals, shops, cozy cafes and restaurants. Be sure to try local cuisine and drinks, they are quite inexpensive but will give you great pleasure. All this combination with fresh mountain air will leave an unforgettable impression from holidays.
     The mountains of Zakopane deserve special attention, they are great at any time of the year. Mysterious and magical but mystical and slightly frightening dense coniferous forests are filled with wonderful aroma of pine needles. In winter, you can enjoy superb sunsets when the sun illuminates clouds with lilac, pink, orange hues. Just a fairy tale! But to understand how good it is you can only visit the resort.

Visit Zakopane

     A trip to Zakopane will appeal to everyone  and fan of outdoor activities and amateur of antiquity and creative people who are looking for inspiration. In addition to the mountaintop and an extraordinary beauty of nature - here you will find historical monuments, a museum and cozy wooden houses. It is not by chance that Zakopane is one of the main tourist routes of Poland. 
     The city has a rather rich history. For the first time the name then still a villagewhich became known in the 17th century. It was the place where the borders of strong states - the Polish and Hungarian Kingdoms and the Ottoman Empire - were connected. Two centuries later Zakopane became a metallurgical center and became widely known. By the beginning of 20th century the city became the tourist center of Poland. 
     Visit Zakopane is worth it in order to see a particular style of wooden architecture. Walking through the streets of the city  you will find unique architectural monuments: Villa Koliba, the Tatra Museum (“the house under the fir trees”), the sanatorium of Dr. Havranka. The pedestrian street Krupuviki is literally overflowing with local flavor. Not far from the town is a village Chokholów and in the 19th century there was a whole area where the highlanders lived. The area has retained its original appearance and is also amazing.
     But even this is not the end of architectural monuments - be sure to visit the famous church in Dębne and the knight’s castle Dunajec in Necice which served as a fort on the border with the Kingdom of Hungary.
     You can get to Zakopane by commuter bus from Krakow. But if you value comfort contact the travel agency “Tutti Tours”. We do not book hotels and flights but we develop excellent bus tours that will suit anyone. You can always choose a route suitable for you for the price and time and visit the most interesting and picturesque places.

Things to do in Zakopane

     A trip to Poland will be one of the most interesting adventures in your life. It is unlikely that during a vacation you will have a question what to do in Zakopane because you simply will not have any free time. Skiing from the mountains in winter and long walks in the city and its surroundings, lunches in the best restaurants, visiting museums are only a small part of what you can do.
     We have already mentioned that in the city you will find many monuments of local architecture. But that is not all. Visit the Church of the Mother of God of Fatima in the village of  Kościelisko which magnificent decoration will not leave anyone indifferent. From the territory of the temple you will see the panorama of Mount Giewont and the Tatras.
     The sights of Zakopane include the Tatra Museum of Local Lore, the Museum of King Shmanovsky, the theater was named by a famous artist Stanislav Ignacy Vitkevich. The churches of Holy Family are remarkable and Holy Casimir, the chapel of Virgin Mary, as well as modern and slightly mystical church of Holy Apostle and Evangelist John.
     The largest mountain lake "Morskie Oko" is a truly fabulous place. A tour of nature reserve surrounded by mountains can turn to be a wonderful walk as well as a complicated camping trip with equipment and necessary halts. On the shores of the lake you can sunbathe, collect blueberries and in some bays even fish successfully.
     If you think that these are all things that can be done in Zakopane  you are wrong. Please visit the water park, observation platforms, climb the mountain Gubaluvka.  And Tutti Tours will help you get to all these places.

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